Thank you for finding your way to Collective Comms. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see my new brand come to life!

I guess this new venture has been in the making for several years. It was always at the back of my mind that I would one day come home to Cumbria after a taste of the bright lights in London and elsewhere. And here I am, back where it all began.

Having studied and then worked for a PR and Marketing agency in Chester I gradually shook off my countryside roots and gained a love for city life, and naturally London was then the ambition. Where better to spend my twenties and gain experience working for national and international brands, I figured?

So I did just that. I headed south to boost my CV…and have some fun whilst I was at it! I worked for household name brands and jetted around the world. I delivered training, lead conferences and developed strategies in 9 European cities and the US. I learnt a huge amount and embraced city living until, inevitably, Cumbria (and a slightly slower pace of life!) was calling.

So here I am on my latest adventure – welcome to Collective Comms, the new focus for everything I’ve learned over the past ten years.

I must say I feel pretty lucky. I’m doing what I love doing, in a place that is truly home, surrounded by friends and family. Yes, starting a business is daunting but it’s hugely rewarding at the same time.

I soon realised that alongside the worry (oh, and there is plenty!) there are so many highs to be enjoyed along the way. Even the smallest of wins have such an impact on your day. Things suddenly feel so personal and give an overwhelming sense of pride, a buzz even, and a much-needed boost.

Of course after each win you eventually you come back down to earth and think “Ok, now what?”, but each of these moments are a milestone to focus on, moments in time which ignite your drive. Having only ever worked agency-side I’ve been well trained in suppressing panic and celebrating wins at least!

My drive comes from the ever-evolving industry. I’ve worked for both PR and Digital Marketing agencies in a variety of roles but my passion is, and has always been, social media. I’m excited by it. I hold heartedly endorse the opportunities it holds for businesses, and I’m fascinated by what comes next.

What’s been most exciting to me is the re-prioritisation of comms channels over the past 10 years. Social media has gone from being a little extra to a PR campaign or part of the SEO strategy to sitting up front and centre of ambitious strategies.

Working for global brands whose VP’s champion a social-media first approach gave me hope that we were in a time of change, and soon social media wouldn’t be the dreaded words that no one has time to even think about but a part of a businesses everyday life.

If you think about it makes sense. So much attention goes in to copy, design, key messages, sales strategies for brands. On social media that needs to evolve daily. You’re creating a personality for your brand and giving it a strong enough voice to hold its own in the fast-paced digital pace. Why wouldn’t social media lead your comms strategy?

From my perspective it’s inherent. PR has evolved to digital PR, journalists are rivalled by bloggers and social media influencers, content marketing lives and breathes online. Each channel is just as important as ever, but social media deserves a little more credit than it has previously been given…if you ask me.

So here I am trying to pioneer the role of social across Cumbria, excited to be meeting the exciting businesses in the area and as always driven by the milestones along the way!

Thanks for reading the first Collective Comms blog post (another small win that I’ll be celebrating!) and I hope to hear from you. Whether you’re just in need of some advice for your business or just fancy a brew and to hear more about Collective, please do get in touch: