Project Description

When the Lake District National Park wanted to launch their 30th season of the Lake District Weatherline, collective storytelling was at the heart of the project.

The story of the team of Fell Top Assessors who climb Helvellyn every day during the winter to create weather reports is a fascinating one anyway so the question was, how could we find a new angle on the story? The first step was to track down the first ever Fell Top Assessor to hold the role in celebration of the milestone year.

30 years ago, when Alistair Boston was recruited to repeatedly climb a mountain every day during the winter, his appointment unsurprisingly made front page news in The Telegraph, declaring Alistair to have Britain’s most unusual job! Therefore, in a bid for national coverage, an exclusive offering for the Telegraph was the pitch.

On a snowy December day, a team from The Telegraph joined the current team of Lake District Fell Top Assessor’s, and the first ever recruit from 30 years ago, and the group set out to climb the notorious Helvellyn summit.

As a result, print and online coverage from The Telegraph amplified the reach of the Lake District Weatherline’s 30th anniversary and the launch of a new winter season.

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